A growing list of fundamentalist Islamic inspired or directed attacks in the West, causing authorities and main stream media news outlets to change their narratives

The intention of this post is to list attacks committed in the UK, Europe and US that have been either directed or inspired by fundamentalist Islamic groups such as IS. A previous post on The WIDER View (see link below) highlighted the catch 22 situation that the West finds itself facing on multiple fronts and the way in which IS is utilizing Western structures in an attempt to create chaos.

These structures include the Western democratic political system, Western designed technology such as social media platforms and Western 24 hour main stream media news outlets. Its ultimate goal is to create division between Western populations and Muslim citizens living within their societies.

Following large scale attacks in 2015, in particular the Charlie Hebdo shootings, Friday 13 November 2015 attacks in France or the San Burnardino shooting in the US, further attacks either directed or inspired by fundamentalist Islamic groups such as IS have taken place with increased regularity during 2016. These attacks have occurred in the US, UK and Europe including France, Belgium and Germany.

This noticeable increase in attacks is exerting real political pressure on incumbent politicians in various countries. As a result, main stream media news outlets such as the BBC appear to be limiting reports and adjusting the narrative surrounding such attacks in a bid to limit radicalisation among Western citizens toward their fellow Muslim citizens.

In doing so however, there is a noticeable public dislike toward this approach on social media and main stream media news outlet comment sections online. The danger of this approach is that main stream news outlets loose all credibility on the issue and may in fact boost division among societies rather than contain it.

Regardless of a direct connection to fundamentalist groups such as IS or not, mental health issues, criminal history, indigenous, migrant or refugee, if attacks continue to be inspired or directed by fundamentalist groups like IS then it will only continue to serve the aspirations of such groups.

The following list will be updated as attacks unfortunately continue to occur.

Fundamentalist Islamic inspired or directed attacks – 2016:

January 2016:

France – 29 year old French Tunisian drives car at French troops intending to kill them while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.


France – Tunisian migrant failed attack on police with meat clever while wearing a fake suicide vest.


France – Attempted murder of a Jewish teacher by 16 year old boy of Turkish nationality and Kurdish origin wielding a machete. The attacker had pledged allegiance to IS before the attack.


February 2016:

United Kingdom – Imam murdered by IS supporters for allegedly practicing ‘black magic’.


March 2016:

United Kingdom – on the 24 March 2016 a Muslim shop keeper stabbed to death in religiously motivated attack by 32 year old man for allegedly disrespecting Islam.

BBC News article (06 Apr 2016) – Asad Shah death: Man admits killing shopkeeper because he ‘disrespected’ Islam:


Belgium – Two suicide bombings at Brussels airport and one suicide bombing at Maalbeek metro station, Brussels.


June 2016:

United States – Mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida by 29 year old.


France – 25 year old man kills police officer then takes deceased’s wife and son hostage, eventually killing the wife also. The attacker had pledged allegiance to IS before the attack.


July 2016:

Germany – Attack on a train by a 17 year old Afghan refugee using a knife and axe/hatchet near Wurzburg and injuring five, two critically. The attacker had recorded a video before the assault that was subsequently released by IS media arm Amaq Agency.


France – 31 year old Tunisian man drives truck through crowds of civilians on French National Day in Nice.


Germany – Suicide bombing by 27 year old Syrian refugee in Ansbach. The attacker had pledged allegiance to IS before the attack.


France – Two 19 year old attackers killed a priest and seriously injured a woman in a Church in Normandy. The two attackers had pledged allegiance to IS before the attack.


August 2016:

Belgium – Two police women attacked by a man with a knife shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Charleroi.


United States – 20 year old man known to authorities randomly attacks a couple with a knife while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.


Denmark – Shooting of two police officers by a 25 year old man from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Copenhagen on the 31 August 2016.


September 2016:

France – Three women described as ‘fanatical and radicalised’ were arrested in connection with a vehicle found containing gas cylinders in close proximity to Notre Dame Cathedral. One female suspect stabbed a police officer during the arrests and was subsequently shot and wounded.


United States – Minnesota stabbing attack by a male of Somali origin in a private security uniform, allegedly ‘referencing Allah’ before assault that injured eight people. The attacker was ultimately shot dead. IS have claimed the attacker was inspired by them and a ‘soldier of the caliphate’. No pledge of allegiance confirmation as yet.


United States – Bombings in New York and New Jersey by Ahmad Khan Rahami, a US citizen originally from Afghanistan and reportedly inspired by fundamentalist group al Qaeda and preacher Anwar al Awlaki. Initially Authorities reported the bombings as having no connection to each other or Islamic terrorism.


October 2016:

Germany – Multpile stabbing of teenage couple on the 16th October 2016, attacker then escaped. IS have subsequently claimed the attack as one of their soldiers inspired by their message for attacks abroad.


November 2016:

United States – 28th November 2016 attack by 18 year old Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan on students at Ohio State University using a car to ram a group followed by a knife attack. Abdul Razak Ali Artan reportedly cited the now deceased radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the attack. IS have subsequently claimed the attack as one of their soldiers inspired by their message for attacks abroad.


December 2016:

Germany – 19th December 2016 attack involving a Tunisian man driving a lorry through a Christmas market in Berlin after hijacking the lorry and killing the driver. IS have subsequently claimed the attack as one of their soldiers inspired by their message for attacks abroad. The attacker had pledged allegiance to IS before the attack.


*Attacks that authorities and main stream media news outlets claim have no sign of extremist inspiration, or that they are caused by other factors with a particular focus on mental health.*

Note that these narratives are now common, particularly from August 2016 following increased attacks in previous months:


May 2016:

Germany – Knife attack by a 27 year old man at a train station near Munich, killing one and injuring three others while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.


August 2016:

Switzerland – Man attacks passengers on a train with a large knife then set the train on fire. The attack killed one woman and injured five others including a 6 year old boy. A 17 year old girl has subsequently died of her injuries.


France – Jewish man wearing traditional Orthodox Jewish kippah/skull cap stabbed by attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Strasbourg.


Australia – 29 year old attacker kills a 21 year old female and 30 year old male in knife attack while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.


France – 31 year old Algerian man stabs police officer in the throat before being restrained.

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