Western deemed moderate groups reject US Special Forces help in al Rai, US forced to leave the town

According to a video posted yesterday on Youtube and wide spread reports, Western deemed moderate groups al Hamza Division and Division 51 (Sourcehttps://twitter.com/EjmAlrai/status/776966013942464512) have allegedly forced US Special forces to leave the Syrian town of al Rai in the Northern Aleppo countryside.

The video allegedly shows US special forces members leaving al Rai while US / Turkish backed groups shout insults and express their dissatisfaction at the US presence.

Another possibility is that US forces were simply leaving as Western deemed moderate groups arrived at the location to continue the fight forward.

US special forces have assisted in the fight against IS for some time, embedded with SDF forces (Syrian Democratic Forces) but now looking to embed with Turkish units also according to the US DoD (Department of Defence).

This is clearly a difficult situation to balance for the US given Turkish opinion of SDF forces and US / Turkish backed Western deemed moderate groups allegedly fighting for a free, democratic Syria apparently rejecting US assistance in al Rai.

  • Youtube video OGN TV (16 Sep 2016) – American forces are leaving the town of Al Rai:


IS media arm Amaq Agency reported US airstrikes allegedly striking Western deemed moderate positions by mistake in the village of Kara Mazraah, West of al Rai yesterday. They followed up this report by releasing a video today 17 September 2016 allegedly showing the aftermath of mistaken US airstrikes on Western deemed moderate positions.




UPDATE: 17 September 2016:

Western deemed moderate group Ahrar al Sharqiyah Union have released a statement regarding US forces working with Kurdish forces in the countryside of Aleppo including al Rai.



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