Politicians and main stream media establishments do not want to accept responsibility, rather create further division within society

Politicians and main stream media establishments urge you to pick a side regarding both domestic and foreign policy issues. Narratives are pushed with overt bias and selective facts presented to justify the narrative. If you criticize the narrative you are automatically accused of supporting the opposite to that narrative and vice versa.

What this ultimately achieves is infighting and division within societies while deflecting responsiblity or blame away from the multiple failures of the political, financial and MSM news outlet establishments. They encourage you to point your fingers at each other while polarizing the narrative, blame the middle-aged white guy, the uneducated, the bigoted, alleged Russian hackers and fake news, as if these were the main drivers of 10’s of millions of people voting as they did in this years UK EU referendum and US election, or the political turmoil and economic problems of the European Union.

However this is wholly misleading and the reality is staring you in the face. What are the main concerns of the public in the UK, US and large parts of the Europe? Mass immigration, increased terrorism risk, ever-increasing wealth divide, individual economic stagnation at best or social mobility reversed.

Why and where have these concerns arisen from?

  • Mass immigration and increased terrorism risk…

Stemming from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria in particular but also parts of Africa.

Why? The result of chaos and mass destabilization created in the middle east and Africa from failed foreign policy decisions in a bid to fulfill a political vision of spreading democracy, freedom and liberty through proxy support, intervention, invasion and occupation by the US, UK and European countries, particularly from 2001.

All lacked planning for what would follow the interventions, invasions and subsequent occupations, often with little knowledge of the intricate social structures they sought to reform. This detached approach directly created the many vacuums and breakdowns in law and order required to boost and spread fundamentalist Islamic ideology dramatically while watering the seeds of civil unrest.

Who made those decisions, who voted for them and who supported them? The political establishment of all stripes, the financial establishment and MSM outlets who have willingly played their part to parrot and spread necessary narratives to justify each intervention, occupation or proxy support.

  • Ever increasing wealth divide…

Which continues to develop and increase particularly following the financial crisis that began in 2008 and subsequent recession.

Why? Increased deregulation in the financial sector from 1986, continuing through the 90’s into the 2000’s let loose the greed that underpins the financial sector. In simple terms this greatly affected the poor, the working, lower middle and middle classes while the wealthier in society could ride the storm and directly benefit from rock bottom land, property and business prices post recession thereby further increasing their wealth.

  • Individual economic stagnation…

At best or social mobility reversed post recession. As many reports have stated, wealth and income has stagnated at best for large sections of the working, lower middle and middle class populations with little to no change in overall income for over a decade.

Add to this the reported future of continued stagnating wages, longer working life, decreased state pension and increased living costs. In the UK, students who have and continue to seek higher education face large debts that may take decades to repay following increased tuition fees that rose dramatically in 2010 during the recession, brought about by the banking crisis.

Tuition fees will continue to rise in line with inflation going forward from the 2017-2018 academic year, there by ensnaring generations to come in ever-increasing debt even before they enter the world of work. Generations that played little or no part in the causes of the financial crisis yet paying a price that serves the financial institutions that did.

What was the direct fall out of these failures? The justification for austerity politics which quickly became the standard approach across Western countries ensuring that the financial burden would continue to be taken up by the poor, the working, lower middle and middle classes while the smallest section of society, the wealthy and elites would feel little effect. The financial establishment, saved by large amounts of public money, ultimately suffered little accountability as large bonuses continued to be paid out during the recession and profits rebounded.

Who made those decisions, who voted for them and who supported them? The political establishment of all stripes, the financial establishment and MSM outlets who have willingly played their part to parrot and spread necessary narratives to help justify decisions made.

In summary:

These are the main, basic drivers that have caused public opinion to reject the status quo in recent years, created by catastrophic choices and decisions made by the political establishment and backed by MSM news outlets.

Following multiple unexpected results during 2016, politicians, financial elites and MSM news outlets have all exposed their true detachment from large swathes of the population, they are the architects of their own destruction.

They have no-one to blame but themselves, however, rather than acknowledge their failures, risk further rejection and embarrassment, they would rather you fight among each other and take your eye off who is really responsible.

It is not the middle-aged white guy, the uneducated, the bigoted, alleged Russian hackers or fake news. It is the responsibility of the political class, the career politician merry-go-round in opposition, then in power, then in opposition again. It is the responsibility of the equally detached MSM news outlets who have reported numerous stories and events with overt bias, selective truths and narratives pushing a chosen agenda.

Do not be deceived by centuries old tactics deployed by politicians and governments who seek to project negativity and responsibility away from themselves. Instead, hold those who created the environment we find ourselves in today responsible, created through catastrophic foreign and monetary policy choices. Decisions made over many, many years by the political and financial establishments with main stream media establishments pushing the necessary narratives.

The rejection we see today is not a result of any particular issue from 2016, this is entirely misleading and down plays the fall out and ramifications of decisions spanning the last 15 years at least that are now coming home to roost. It is a result of deteriorating public sentiment built up over many years of failure, detailed further in the following link posted earlier this year by The WIDER View:

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