Why are the political, financial and MSM establishments lashing out so much following results in 2016?

The fundamental reason for the overtly biased approach to Brexit, Trump, Syria and Russia by Western politicians and MSM news outlets is that such results threaten the progress of the world order set out by the political establishment years ago. Although parties differ (for example Democrats & Republicans, Conservatives & Labour, Les Républicains & Parti Socialiste, Christian Democratic Union of Germany & Social Democratic Party) the fundamental political ideology remains the same and shared across the board. That being the spread of democracy, financial institutions and the securing of energy market dominance both in terms of supply and demand. Any country that does not conform to this view is an oponent and a target.

The election of Trump and the UK vote to leave the EU despite a concerted effort and joined up approach by UK, US and EU financial institutions, politicians and media outlets parroting the same narratives regardless of country such as the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AFP, France 24 and Der Spiegel has thrown an unexpected spanner in the works. A lot of time, effort, money and propaganda has been spent laying the ground work preparing for the next stages of realising the shared political vision for the world, however results of 2016 threaten to halt or unravel this vision entirely.

The political, financial and media establishments had planned for the UK to remain in the EU, for Hillary Clinton to take the baton and continue implementing policy to further realise the shared vision by Western politicians and financial institutions in creating their world order. This includes the forced spread of democracy through both military action and proxy support regardless of a target nations desire for Western style democratic governance.

President elect Donald Trump has stated that he does not wish to continue the approach taken by previous politicians and rejects the idea of nation-state building (or spreading democracy by force & proxy). Donald Trump sees previous attempts such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as a catastrophic waste of money that has only served to create regional chaos and destabilization that is spreading further afield.

Russia is not conforming to the approach long-held by Western politicians and is actively blocking attempts by the West to forcibly spread democracy, by force or proxy, in sovereign states that Russia retains strategic and national interests in such as Syria. Russia does not wish to see countries it maintains interests in deteriorate into chaos as seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. This approach by the West and Russia’s response to it has manifest itself in polarizing anti-Russian and anti Western propaganda peddled daily by their respective media outlets.

Western political and financial establishments do not want to see their vision for the world fail and so, following the rejection seen in 2016 and with the help of MSM media news outlets throughout the West, they seek to destabilize the Trump presidency, undermine the UK leaving the EU and continue whipping up public sentiment in favour of the alleged democratic opposition fighting the Assad government in Syria.

A concerted effort by the political and media establishments is now underway trying to wrestle back control and put the implementation of their world vision back on track by attempting to create hysteria, doubt and fear of the Trump election, Brexit and Russia among Western citizens. Project fear has not ended and has in fact increased with negative reports and statements aired on a daily basis in a bid to gain traction among the public.

However, the more success they have from this approach, the further division and instability they create within society and thereby the more opportunities are created for other groups to capitalise and further their aims. This is despite political and MSM establishments claiming to be concerned about division with society.

In true detached fashion, like children who did not get what they wanted, when they wanted, they lash out and attempt to undermine all those who either do not share their vision or their method of achieving it. In doing so they create further instability, infighting and division from which the general public will inevitably pay the overwhelming price.

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