The purpose of The Wider View is to source and reference information relating to main stream news headlines from the wider open source community there by linking additional context to events happening around the world. Providing a broader range of information, reports and videos surrounding important events is essential in understanding and forming opinions.

Main stream media outlets such as national news bulletins may provide limited context or lack important information surrounding events which may be due to broadcast time constraints or a chosen position. This can lead to confusion and a lack of understanding about events as they progress.

By sourcing and linking additional information, reports and videos relating to current events, I provide an opportunity for readers to go beyond the confines of a headline or report that may not represent the bigger picture on its own.

Public opinion is vital to governments around the world in forming domestic and foreign policy. With this in mind, a broader provision of information that is collated and commented on should be available to the public.

To this end The Wider View has been established in the pursuit of truth and to help the public reach fact based conclusions surrounding events around the world which can affect us all.

Videos and articles may be sourced that represent ideologically different views to our Western democratic values. However, to gain a wider view of events it is necessary to see and read the other side of the narrative coin despite possible bias or propaganda value.

*EDIT* Posts often include opinion, and links, articles, images or videos from mainstream media news outlets and Western analysts, through to fundamentalist Islamic group tweets, images and videos.

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